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I am a London based songwriter. I have released two albums Collectable You (2013) and Exquisitely Hopeless (2016), and will soon be releasing my EP Delicate Ghosts. I search for the haunting of sparkling delicate ephemeral ghosts of sound, melody fragments and word. As a poet, I enter into the world of motherhood, and a phenomenon flowing with spiritual and sensual connection.

An eccentric English singer-songwriter who successfully channels Thom Yorke and Kate Bush with a unique brand of quirky cinematic folk...


Taking her first steps into the land of concept to tell a story of escape: it’s one we’ll all recognise...


Delicate Ghosts EP (out soon     )

My soon to be released EP Delicate Ghosts explores the nature of memory, how the ghostly dream like qualities shape us to become the people we are. I’m interested in the fleeting nature of conversations we have with people, or even with ourselves...


“Helene's hypnotic melodies get in my head. Her nuanced melodic sensibility at once creates ear worms and is pleasantly unpredictable. I love how warm and complex and free the music is, at the same time. The overall experience listening to songs like “Delicate Ghosts” is uplifting and revelatory.”

Julia Holter

Louder Than War

“Taut, melancholy dream folk, cool and intelligent and self-possessed but it’s great pop too, full of intriguing rhythms and textures”

"A burst of freshness and vitality"

Martin Townsend from the Sunday Express

"The result is an alluring, other-worldly confection..."


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